The Healing Powers Of Facial Cleansing Oil

OilThe use of oils as facial cleansers dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. It’s no surprise that from the civilization that brought us trendy eyeliner styles, also came the ultimate natural makeup remover. Well, the trend didn’t just stop there. Years later, Geishas adopted the technique for removal of their elaborate, full-coverage makeup looks. So if these ancient makeup pros trusted their face to the careful cleansing of facial oils, why don’t more people use them nowadays? Well, somewhere along the way people began to believe that stripping the skin and removing oil is the key to healthy skin. For anyone who has used a harsh foaming cleanser, you know that is not the case!

Why do oils work so well with your skin? Because your skin is made of it! As much as we all don’t like looking shiny, your face is producing oil for a reason. If you use a harsh cleanser that strips the skin of its natural oil balance, it will just produce oil more to compensate. Shocking as it may sound, your skin will look less oily if you actually use oil to cleanse it! Facial cleansing oils restore balance to your skin’s sebum production, as well as treat and heal a number of other skin issues. Oil cleaners reduce acne and slow aging, they balance skin to reduce excessive oil or dryness, and smooth the tone of your skin. They accomplish this all without exposing you to harsh chemicals, dangerous parabens, or stripping ingredients.

Clear Glow

Now that you know all the benefits of facial cleansing oils, it’s time to start using one! SILKtáge Clear Glow Cleansing Oil is the ultimate blend of precious botanical oils to cleanse and heal your skin. It combines Olive Oil, Camellia, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn and Argan Oil, all essential ingredients for the complete treatment of any skin ailments. Simply massage the cleansing oil in a circular motion all over your dry face, gently rubbing into the eye area to remove makeup and condition your lashes. Leave the oil on your face for a few minutes to allow it to break down your makeup while gently cleansing and nourishing your skin. Use a soft wet towel remove the oil and any makeup from your skin. Rinse and pat dry. For even more conditioning, press a few drops on your face and around the eye area. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning. By performing this luxurious ritual daily, you will have silky skin, longer lashes, smoother eyebrows, and a glowing complexion.

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Get Inspired For Summer: Shiny, Slicked Back Hair

This sleek, pulled back look is a must-have hairstyle for summer. It is simple, elegant, and looks great with any outfit for any occasion. Most importantly, anyone can achieve this style in minutes with just four easy steps:

  1. Apply 2-3 drops of SILKtage (or a similar heat protection oil) to damp hair, focusing on the ends.
  2. Use a large, round brush when blow drying hair to pull it perfectly straight.
  3. Brush dry hair back into a high ponytail or smooth bun.
  4. Use your hands to smooth another 2-3 drops of SILKtage over hair for ultimate shine.

In just ten minutes you’ll have the perfect glossy up-do for summer parties, date nights, or even just a day at the beach.

The Hair Care Ingredients You Need to Stop Hair Frizz

Last week we discussed the hair care products that could be making your hair frizz worse, such as detergents and other moisture-zapping chemicals. Hopefully you followed my recommendation and started cutting these products out of your hair care regimen. This week I’m going to turn my focus on the hair care ingredients that can reverse frizzy hair–and I’ll give you my top recommendations for fighting hair frizz. Let’s get started.

Hair Frizz: The Ingredients That Matter

Frizzy hair and SILKtage.As I mentioned in my previous hair frizz post, frizzy hair is caused by using harsh chemicals that strip hair of its moisture. For luxurious, healthy hair, moisture is paramount–it’s how you get silky, manageable hair. To enhance your hair’s sheen, texture and smoothness, here’s what can help:

1. Green tea. This tea isn’t just a great alternative to soda–it also helps keep your hair strong and healthy. This is because green tea contains a multitude of hair-healthy antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and panthenol. It may interest you to know that panthenol is a common ingredient in hair conditioners due to its ability to soften and lubricate the hair shaft. Another key antioxidant, called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), was also shown to inhibit hair loss in a study reported by the Seoul National University College of Medicine.

My recommendation: Dumping green tea on your head won’t do, but using an oil derived from green tea is a great way to soften frizzy hair. You can buy the oil separately or choose a hair product containing green tea oil, such as my SILKtage rejuvenating styling serum.

2. Coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the few oils shown to penetrate the hair, which makes it an excellent hair restoration product. The reason: Coconut oil contains lipids that are remarkably similar to your hair’s natural lipids, which allows it to reach your hair’s cortex. Once it reaches the hair’s cortex, it helps lessen the damage caused by moisture-stripping shampoos, making your hair healthier and softer.

My thoughts: I would definitely recommend adding this oil to your frizzy hair care regimen, especially if your hair is severely damaged. Simply smooth it onto your hair as a leave-in conditioner for a softer, frizz-free mane.

3. Jojoba seed. There’s something quite intriguing about this seed–like coconut oil, its lipids are similar to those that naturally exist on your hair, which adds a layer of moisture to your hair strands. It also can do wonders for your scalp, softening the skin and soothing dry or cracked skin. As for its feel, I can definitely say jojoba isn’t greasy or too oily, so it won’t weigh down your hair, which can be a problem with some over-the-counter hair care products.

My recommendation: To repair frizzy hair, I recommend choosing a certified organic jojoba seed oil to ensure it contains no additives or chemicals. I use certified organic jojoba seed oil in my SILKtage Rejuvenating Styling Serum.

For additional conditioning, I also highly recommend other botanical oils, such as rosemary flower oil, clove bud oil and broccoli seed oil. Make sure to buy organic–some oils may contain impurities that may inhibit their ability to soften and strengthen frizzy hair.