The Powers of Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Fruit


Red palm oil is the derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree and has been regarded as one of the most powerful of oils for hundreds of years. From the ancient egyptians to modern day health experts like Dr. Oz, its powers have been praised by many. The key to the health and beauty benefits of the red palm oil are its high content of carotenes and extremely potent vitamin E.

Carotenes are the nutrients that add red and orange coloring to fruits and vegetables like the carrot and the tomato. They have powerful antioxidant properties to protect against free radicals, the molecules that attack cells and lead to premature aging. Though carotenes are most often thought to be associated with carrots and tomatos, the red palm fruit actually has a much higher carotene content. This increased concentration makes it the ideal oil for use in beauty products to slow the aging process and protect the hair and skin.

Red palm oil also has the highest contents of tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E. This form of vitamin E has shown to boost immunities and even fight certain forms of cancer when taken orally. For the skin and hair, vitamin E has strong reparative powers to reverse damage and promote overall health.

The benefits to using red palm oil for the care of the hair and skin go on almost indefinitely, which is why at Emtage Beauty we put the ingredient in our Clear Glow Facial Cleansing Oil and Scalp Repair. Our red palm oil is derived sustainably from Ghana, as to avoid deforestation and the extinction of precious orangutans.

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