The Powers of Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Fruit


Red palm oil is the derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree and has been regarded as one of the most powerful of oils for hundreds of years. From the ancient egyptians to modern day health experts like Dr. Oz, its powers have been praised by many. The key to the health and beauty benefits of the red palm oil are its high content of carotenes and extremely potent vitamin E.

Carotenes are the nutrients that add red and orange coloring to fruits and vegetables like the carrot and the tomato. They have powerful antioxidant properties to protect against free radicals, the molecules that attack cells and lead to premature aging. Though carotenes are most often thought to be associated with carrots and tomatos, the red palm fruit actually has a much higher carotene content. This increased concentration makes it the ideal oil for use in beauty products to slow the aging process and protect the hair and skin.

Red palm oil also has the highest contents of tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E. This form of vitamin E has shown to boost immunities and even fight certain forms of cancer when taken orally. For the skin and hair, vitamin E has strong reparative powers to reverse damage and promote overall health.

The benefits to using red palm oil for the care of the hair and skin go on almost indefinitely, which is why at Emtage Beauty we put the ingredient in our Clear Glow Facial Cleansing Oil and Scalp Repair. Our red palm oil is derived sustainably from Ghana, as to avoid deforestation and the extinction of precious orangutans.

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New Year, New Hair

Happy New Year!

If you made any resolutions this year, restoring health to your hair should be at the top of the list.

Maybe last year you didn’t take great care of your hair. Like a lot of people, you probably used drying products and heated styling tools during the holidays to get the perfect look for all the parties. Well, now your hair is paying the price! Habits like this can cause dryness, loss of shine, split ends, and breakage. That’s no way to start the new year!

Dont worry though, all you need to restore health, shine, and vibrancy to your hair is some SILKtage and Saran Wrap for a deep conditioning, restorative hair treatment. Just follow the steps here:

  1. Apply SILKtage Rejuvenating Styling Serum from roots to ends of hair. Use enough so that all of your hair is coated with oil, but not so much that it is dripping. (Don’t worry if your hair looks gross and stringy, you will wash it out later.) This step can also be done using other oils like Coconut or Argan but you wont receive all the health benefits of having the full spectrum of SILKtage oils.
  2. Pull hair up away from your face and twist it into a bun on top of your head. You can use some bobby pins to hold it into place if it falls out.
  3. Use the Saran Wrap to completely cover your head (like the way a shower cap would). For this step, you could also use a shower cap or a towel to cover hair and lock in moisture.
  4. Let hair sit like this for at least 1 hour. Keep your Saran cap on and use a blow dryer to heat hair for the first 5 minutes so that oil can penetrate more deeply.
  5. After the hour has passed, wash hair as you would normally in the shower. You can also use a conditioner for added moisture.

After this treatment, hair should regain most of its silky soft texture and radiant shine. Remember to use a few drops of SILKtage daily to retain hair health and repeat this treatment any time your hair needs a deeper conditioning.

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your new healthy head of hair!