The Healing Powers Of Facial Cleansing Oil

OilThe use of oils as facial cleansers dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. It’s no surprise that from the civilization that brought us trendy eyeliner styles, also came the ultimate natural makeup remover. Well, the trend didn’t just stop there. Years later, Geishas adopted the technique for removal of their elaborate, full-coverage makeup looks. So if these ancient makeup pros trusted their face to the careful cleansing of facial oils, why don’t more people use them nowadays? Well, somewhere along the way people began to believe that stripping the skin and removing oil is the key to healthy skin. For anyone who has used a harsh foaming cleanser, you know that is not the case!

Why do oils work so well with your skin? Because your skin is made of it! As much as we all don’t like looking shiny, your face is producing oil for a reason. If you use a harsh cleanser that strips the skin of its natural oil balance, it will just produce oil more to compensate. Shocking as it may sound, your skin will look less oily if you actually use oil to cleanse it! Facial cleansing oils restore balance to your skin’s sebum production, as well as treat and heal a number of other skin issues. Oil cleaners reduce acne and slow aging, they balance skin to reduce excessive oil or dryness, and smooth the tone of your skin. They accomplish this all without exposing you to harsh chemicals, dangerous parabens, or stripping ingredients.

Clear Glow

Now that you know all the benefits of facial cleansing oils, it’s time to start using one! SILKtáge Clear Glow Cleansing Oil is the ultimate blend of precious botanical oils to cleanse and heal your skin. It combines Olive Oil, Camellia, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn and Argan Oil, all essential ingredients for the complete treatment of any skin ailments. Simply massage the cleansing oil in a circular motion all over your dry face, gently rubbing into the eye area to remove makeup and condition your lashes. Leave the oil on your face for a few minutes to allow it to break down your makeup while gently cleansing and nourishing your skin. Use a soft wet towel remove the oil and any makeup from your skin. Rinse and pat dry. For even more conditioning, press a few drops on your face and around the eye area. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning. By performing this luxurious ritual daily, you will have silky skin, longer lashes, smoother eyebrows, and a glowing complexion.

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Summer Hair Damage

Summer is often associated with healthy beach hair and flowing waves but it can actually be the cause for numerous types of hair damage. During these hot months, your hair is exposed to sun, wind, chlorine, salt water, and air conditioning. All of these factors can lead to dull, weak strands if you aren’t careful.

Of all the damaging summer pastimes, swimming and sun bathing are the most dangerous to your hair.  Fortunately, there are some tricks to avoid excess damage.

Sun Damage

So much focus is placed on the effects that sun can have on your skin and it is usually forgotten that hair can suffer too when not treated properly. Hair that has been exposed to UV rays can be dry, brittle, weak, and thin. Colored hair will fade quickly and you can become more prone to split ends.

Some action can be taken to prevent and repair UV damage:

  1. Keep your hat on to block rays from both your face and hair.
  2. Create a protection spray for hair with 3 parts water and 1 part sun block.
  3. Choose sulfate-free shampoos to maintain a healthy balance of protective hair oils.
  4. Avoid lightening products or anything with alcohol that can speed up damage.

These four steps will ensure that hair remains soft and healthy even when the sun is shining bright.

Chlorine Effects

Everyone enjoys pool parties on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, your hair doesn’t. The effects that chlorine can have on a strand of hair are incredibly damaging. Sebum, your hair’s natural moisturizer, becomes diminished and leads to cracks in the hair cuticle. Your hair will lose its natural shine and begin to split at the ends.

It is important to remember these key tips if you plan on enjoying pool time this summer:

  1. Reduce the frequency with which you use heat styling tools or hair dyes.
  2. Always rinse hair and use a gentle shampoo after chlorine exposure.
  3. Use only a wide-tooth comb on wet hair to prevent breakage.
  4. Treat hair with a moisturizing mask or oil that contains healthy hair ingredients like argan oil or coconut oil at least once a week.

These 8 tips combined will protect you from sun and chlorine, as well as any other damaging factors your hair could be exposed to this summer. Now that you’re prepared, enjoy these few months and the healthy hair you’ll have during them!