Broccoli Seed Oil: How it Improves Hair Health

Last week we discussed the power coconut oil can have on your hair, but today I wanted to talk about another oil that can smooth away hair frizz, called broccoli seed oil. This all-natural oil is rich in hair-nourishing vitamins, such as vitamin C and B6, which can keep your hair strong and silky smooth.

First, let’s talk about what it is.

What is Broccoli Seed Oil?

So what exactly is broccoli seed oil?

Well here’s the scoop: Broccoli seed oil is a special oil obtained from broccoli seeds, which, as you probably know, is the seed responsible for creating broccoli–the fibrous vegetable that can prevent everything from heart disease to the growth of cancer cells. The oil helps concentrate broccoli’s many helpful benefits for a person’s skin and hair.

Now here’s the great part about broccoli seed oil–it contains a unique fatty acid composition that makes it similar to the silicone you’ll find in shampoos. (Hint: In case you don’t know, silicone helps make your hair look shiny.) Called erucic acid, this special omega-9 fatty acid helps give your hair a smooth, natural sheen without loading your follicles with harmful detergents or chemicals, a benefit you won’t find in most commercial shampoos or conditioners.

Now let’s move on to this oil’s hair-healthy benefits.

Benefits of Broccoli Seed Oil

Aside from containing erucic acid, broccoli seed oil has many, many benefits that can smooth out dry or frizzy hair. Here’s why it’s great for your hair:

  • It contains vitamin C. When it’s not helping eliminate the free radicals that can contribute to cancer, the antioxidants in broccoli seed oil can help prevent hair loss. As a result, people who get enough vitamin C usually have thicker, healthier hair.
  • It contains vitamin B6. B vitamins can help reduce stress, a factor that can contribute to hair loss. It’s also a part of a spectrum of vitamins that support physical and mental health. When those are in check, your body can support a healthy hair system.
  • It also contains a powerful substance that has to power to inhibit dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Why is DHT important? Because DHT has been correlated with hair loss and thinning hair–definitely two things you don’t want!

Now that you know about its benefits, how do you apply it? Simple–squeeze a pea-sized amount of it into your hand and distribute it throughout your hair, using your palms. Use your hands to coat your hair from root to tip. Tip: If you have dry hair, try concentrating the oil on the ends of the hair to prevent split ends or breakage.

Questions, comments?  Let me know in the comments below.


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