Coconut Oil: How it Treats Frizzy Hair

Here’s something you didn’t know: Coconut oil has been clinically shown to prevent hair damage.

It’s also an excellent hair moisturizer, and can help treat both untreated and colored hair.

Today I’m going to discuss why coconut oil is so beneficial for your hair, and what exactly it treats. Let’s begin.

Why Coconut Oil is So Special

Coconut oil is special for two reasons–it’s both a lubricant and a moisturizer. Most commercial hair conditioners only coat the hair with a temporary sheen, which makes it look like it’s softer, when in fact it’s just been greased down–the hair hasn’t actually been treated. But when you use coconut oil, it doesn’t simply coat the hair.

Here’s why. Coconut oil contains a special acid called lauric acid, a type of lightweight acid that can penetrate the hair shaft. This is good. In turn, coconut oil also prevents protein loss, which often occurs when your hair is damaged.

By preventing the hair from losing protein, it restores health to the hair follicle, keeping the hair smooth, strong and soft–characteristics that show hair is healthy.

What Coconut Oil Treats

Here’s the good thing about coconut oil: It can treat nearly all types of hair. It’s one reason why I use coconut oil in my SILKtage Rejuvenating Styling Serum–because it’s truly that versatile. Here’s what coconut oil can treat:

  • Color-damaged hair. If you like to dye your hair, and have suffered the consequences of chemical damage, a dab of coconut oil can help restore softness and sheen.
  • Dry or frizzy hair. Chances are if you have dry or frizzy hair, your hair is already damaged. Using coconut oil regularly can help reverse some of this damage while preventing further damage.
  • Just-bleached hair. If you’ve just bleached your hair, your hair is probably under a lot of stress–it’s probably very dry, for example. To prevent hair breakage or split ends, use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioning treatment to restore moisture to the hair follicles. It’s natural and definitely more reliable than a slick of chemical conditioner.

These reasons are why I insist every good hair care product should contain coconut oil–it’s one of the most effective conditioners on the market, and it’s all natural.

Have any questions about coconut oil? Ask me in the comments below.


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