Got Hair Frizz? The Science Behind Your Untamable Mane

Here’s a topic most of you gals can relate to–a head full of frizzy, brittle hair. Although genetics can certainly play a role in your frizziness, chances are you’ve exposed your hair to a harsh, unwelcoming environment that shuns healthy, smooth hair away. You never meant to hurt your hair–but it’s happening every day, often from the activities you consider second nature.

Your hair care products could be causing your frizzy hair.Why your hair is frizzy

To understand the cause of your frizzy hair, we need to first explore what causes it in the first place. I’ll keep the scientific mumbo-jumbo to a minimum here, but this is how you create a “frizzy hair” environment:

1. Hair needs moisture to stay smooth and flat; removing this moisture can cause dry hair, a precursor to unmanageable hair frizz. There are numerous ways in which your hair’s moisture gets removed, which causes it to have a dull, dry appearance. When this occurs, the outer layer of your hair, called the cuticle, relaxes.

2. When the cuticle is relaxed, you’ve primed up an ideal environment for frizzy hair to flourish. The reason: When the cuticle is relaxed, this allows moisture to penetrate the middle part of your hair strand, called the cortex. The moisture causes the cortex to swell unevenly, which gives the hair a frizzy, unkempt appearance. It’s also bad for hair health–dry, frizzy hair is often brittle, and more suspect to split ends.

What’s causing your frizzy hair

There are many factors that can harm your hair strands and cause the swelling I just described. For example, drying your hair by rubbing your strands with a towel can damage the cuticles, giving you a head of fresh hair frizz. Befriending your hair styling device, such as the flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer, is also a recipe for disaster, especially if your hair is thin and brittle to begin with.

Scarily enough, this isn’t the biggest cause of your hair frizz. The biggest culprit? Something that’s already in your bathroom…products that you use everyday without a second thought. Next week, we’ll discuss what these products are, and how they’re destroying your hair.


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